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Some ressources for your
trading knowledge

Trading is like cooking. You can have the best kitchen equipment, it won't make you a good cook.
Basic trading knowledge is crucial in order to understand the contents provided on DYOR.net

# Investopedia Guide to Technical Analysis

A must read! Actually, if you had to bookmark just one link, it would be that one! You will learn all the terms used by traders. What is a support, a resistance, a trend. You will know the basics of candlesticks and volume. You will find book recommendations and useful links. And you will learn all the best technical analysis patterns and indicators.

# A Complete Guide to Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners by Binance Academy

Easy to read and to navigate, it's also a must read!

# Technical Analysis Course For Beginners by Koroush AK

You prefer video to text? I recommend the Koroush AK Youtube channel!

# Trading Tips & Tricks by The Birb Nest

Another YouTube ressource with The Birb Nest channel! You will learn some very useful techniques that will improve your trading strategy!

# A lot of ressources accross the web

Learning trading theorics by yourself is very easy, thanks to the wonderful ressources you can find accross the web.

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