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Save your time and find the best setups on 4000+ pairs listed on Binance, Bitget, Bybit, KuCoin,, MEXC and HTX

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Spot trending tokens at a glance
with the trend scanner

Discover the future of cryptocurrency trends with's TrendScanner. This cutting-edge feature leverages a sophisticated algorithm to scan the crypto market across multiple timeframes, delivering real-time insights into market directions and trend strengths. Whether you're a day trader looking for quick wins or a long-term investor aiming to catch major moves, TrendScanner equips you with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Dive into the world of crypto with confidence, knowing that TrendScanner is your ally in navigating the volatile waters of the cryptocurrency market. Free feature!

Find the best setups and get alerts
with the strategy maker

Strategy maker lets you build your own way to trade. Use lots of tools like RSI levels, chart patterns, divergences, MACD crossovers, Ichimoku strategies, and Scores to make strategies that work for you. It's easy and powerful, helping you make smart trades based on what the market's doing. Start trading smarter with "Strategies".

Plus, you can set up alerts and get notified about new results by Telegram or e-mail. It’s easy, powerful, and keeps you informed, helping you make smart trades based on real-time market actions.

See how your fav tokens are performing
with Cointracker

With Cointracker, effortlessly track your favorite cryptocurrencies and stay ahead of the market. Subscribe to crucial events such as RSI oversold, MA crossovers, Bollinger Band breakouts, trendline breaches, chart patterns, and divergences. Cointracker ensures you never miss an important signal, allowing you to make informed decisions with ease. Save time and enhance your trading strategy by receiving real-time alerts directly to your device. Don't let the market catch you off guard – leverage the power of Cointracker and turn insights into profits!

With premium, take your crypto tracking to the next level by configuring Telegram alerts for all your subscribed events. Get instant notifications on your preferred messaging app, ensuring you’re always informed about the latest market movements and critical signals.

Get patterns, trendlines, divergences...
with the price action scanners

Elevate your trading strategy with's "Price Action Scanner". This innovative tool scans the crypto market for crucial indicators such as chart patterns, high trendlines, divergences, horizontal support and resistance levels, and volume spikes. By highlighting these key signals, the Price Action Scanner empowers traders to identify potential entry and exit points with higher precision.

Whether you're fine-tuning your strategy or seeking out new opportunities, this feature offers the insights you need to navigate the market with confidence. Get ahead of the curve by leveraging the power of real-time data and analysis, all in one convenient place.

Get in early
with pumping now

Spots coins skyrocketing or hitting their 24h peak. It's your shortcut to catching the big waves early, without the hassle. No more FOMO, just smart moves and timely investments. Get in on the action now!

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