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  • A cryptocurrency scanner that analyzes Binance & KuCoin spot markets on BTC and USDT pairs
  • Get Perpetual Futures and Tokenized Equities analysis from FTX exchange
  • Be informed of the trend strength of your favourite coins and tokens in one look
  • Dozens of technical indicators checked, including candlesticks and RSI & OBV divergences
  • A powerful time saver, as crypto market is vast!
  • Join 25k+ members!

Join now, and as the CryptoMusic's guest, is glad to announce you that, once registered, you'll get 10% more credits on each of your purchases! Moreover, you can participate to the referral program, and get a 10% reward for each purchase by a member that registered by using your referral code!

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Define your own strategy based on technical indicators with the advanced search engine

# Dozens of indicators to spot continuation or reversal signals

Fast and powerful, the advanced search engine will help you to find the most interesting cryptocurrencies. A lot of indicators are available: oversold currencies on RSI and Stoch RSI, MACD signals, volume monitoring, ADX, Bollinger Band breakouts, standard and hidden divergences on RSI, Stoch RSI and OBV, Moving Average setups, candlestick patterns and Ichimoku signals. Hundreds of configurations are possible!

# Even more advanced features for premium members!

As a premium member, enjoy every search engine feature: save your searches for quick re-use, and make multi-lines searches to define your own strategy with an extreme precision!

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Receive e-mail or Telegram alerts when cryptocurrencies match your searches

  • #1. Define your search based on your own strategy
  • #2. Save your search and keep your setup #SAFU!
  • #3. Create your alert on Telegram or by e-mail
  • #4. Receive your alerts every hour, As simple as that!

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Pennants, wedges and flags spotted for you by the chart pattern scanner

# Why waste time analyzing charts one by one when a tool can do it for you instantly? is able to spot lot of the common chart patterns: continuation and reversal falling wedges, bullish and bearish pennants and bull flags. More will be added soon! It's a very powerful time saver. And as you know, time is money!

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Follow the moves of your favourite coins with the Cointracker

# Track your favourite cryptocurrencies and never miss a good setup!

Choose the cryptocurrencies you want to follow, on the timeframes you want (15m, 1h, 4h, 1d, 3d, 1w), and choose the events you want to be alerted on: Divergences, MACD Cross, Golden/Death Cross, Supertrend switch, and even spotted chart pattern and breakouts!

# Premium members, receive Telegram or web push notifications

Be alerted in real time when cryptocurrencies you follow match an event you track.

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What do I get for free?

  • Full Binance, KuCoin & FTX scan results, coin analysis and charts
  • Limited access to the advanced search engine by indicators
  • Limited access to the cointracker

What do I get by going premium?

  • Full advanced search engine with multi-lines searches, save and load searches
  • Hourly Telegram or e-mail alerts based on your saved searches
  • Full cointracker with all events and alerts
  • Chart patterns scanner & trendlines scanner
  • Horizontal levels scanner & rising volume scanner
  • And more coming!

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To go premium, just purchase the pack of your choice right after your free registration!

And what about pricing?

# 30 premium days pack

Good for trying!

# 120 premium days pack

Save 20%!

# 360 premium days pack

Save 50%!

# Pay with cryptocurrency with a Tether (USDT) deposit to wallet, with Binance Pay or by credit card!

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To go premium, just purchase the pack of your choice right after your free registration!

Frequently asked questions

# What is is a tool that analyzes Binance and KuCoin spot markets on BTC and USDT pairs by analyzing each symbol every 15 minutes. Coins are ranked based on their current trend strength and their reversal potential, from the highest to the lowest. In addition, provides a search engine to find coins by 150+ technical indicators, a feature to receive e-mail or Telegram alerts when currencies match a saved search, a Cointracker to follow your favourite currencies and receive Telegram alerts or web push notifications, and an automated chart patterns scanner and horizontal levels analysis. Those features are tools aiming to save you time and help you taking positions.

# What is NOT is not a magic tool that will make you rich by telling you what currencies you have to buy. Don't expect from to tell you what you have to do. This tool is a powerful indicators agregator and aims to save you time. If a beginner can use features, it's recommended to have trading basis in order to understand the provided contents.

# How are scores calculated?

Scores are calculated in two parts, by indentifying the current trend and its strength, and the reversal trend potential. Trend strength and reversal potential scores are calculated by analyzing a lot of common trading indicators such as RSI, Stoch RSI, Moving Averages, Candlesticks, Divergences, ADX, Supertrend, etc.

# Which currencies are scanned?

Almost every Binance and KuCoin spot market symbols on BTC and USDT pairs. also scans Perpetual Futures and Tokenized Equities from FTX exchange You can live check scanned cryptocurrencies by clicking here.

# Will I make more money thanks to

It's up to you! is a tool which main purpose is to save you time. It aggregates a lot of indicators that can help you to take trading decisions. However, You shouldn't expect from to tell you which coin you have to buy: the buying decision depends on you.

# What patterns can be found by your chart pattern scanner tool?

For now, the chart pattern recognition tool is able to spot most of the falling wedges, bullish pennants, symmetrical triangles, ascending triangles and bull flags. Other patterns will be added as soon as possible. Keep in mind that charting is very subjective: some will see falling wedges when others will prefer to see a symetrical triangle on another period. Some will consider a triangle as a pennant when others will not. recognition pattern is as subjective as any other trader, as it was developed by a human which consider a chart pattern should have some mandatory characteristics. Moreover, even if results are globally very good, the chart pattern scanner is not infallible and some obvious patterns for human eye can be missed by the algorithm.

# Can I trust you tool? objective is to become one of the most essential tools in cryptocurrency area. There is still a long way to go, and this goal won't be reached if users can't trust it. Everything is made to deliver the most efficient crypto scanner tool possible.

# How can I purchase a premium days pack?

You can purchase a premium days pack after your free registration. Once logged in, click on "Upgrade to premium" from the main menu, or from your Dashboard.
Right now you have three possibilities of payment: a Tether (USDT) deposit, Binance Pay or credit card.

Tether (USDT) deposit to a wallet address

Just select a pack, choose the USDT deposit as payment type, and validate. An pop-in with all the informations, including wallet addresses, displays. Just send the amount indicated to the ERC20, TRC20 or BEP2 address. The purchase validation takes up to 5 minutes after your deposit is received. More stable coins will be added soon!

Binance Pay

Just select a pack, choose Binance Pay as payment type, and validate. Scan the QR Code that displays with your Binance app and proceed to payment with your favourite cryptocurrency supported by Binance Pay. The purchase validation is immediate.

Credit card

If you can't or don't want to pay with cryptocurrency, it's OK! Just take your credit card :)

# Who is behind

For now, one human and four cats that encourage me. My name is Romain Ménard, I'm a French web developer. I found that cryptocurrency is a stunning playground for a web developer, and I began to develop as a hobby. Now, the project is mature enough to be delivered to everyone.

# I have another question

Feel free to contact from contact page or to send a DM on Twitter to @DYORCryptoBot.

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